Under Floor Cable Tray Support Brackets

 No more bent brackets

Haley Underfloor Support Brackets.

No more bent brackets and you can work from the top.

Sometimes, when installing tray or basket under raised floors and the support bracket is fixed. Then, between the bracket fixing and tray fixing someone stands on the bracket and distorts it. The Haley© UFCTB bracket prevents this happening. It is of solid construction, giving increased strength and will not distort when stood upon.

Works with all known makes of cable tray and basket. The 42mm height allowing easy access from behind tray and is the same as deep strut. However, with the supplied Thread Forming Screws tray fixing is achieved from above

The bracket is pre-punched with 6mm clearance slots and holes to accept M6 thread forming screws. You can use a standard No.2 pozi screwdriver right up to a cordless driver with a magnetic bit holder.

Getting on top of the job. Using the supplied Thread Forming Screws tray fixing is achieved from above.

Each box contains M6x12 ZP Mushroom Headed Thread Forming Bolts with No.2 pozi recess drive. Extra bolts are available, if required.

There are also elongated fixing holes for linear adjustment.

Registered Design : 001117535

Under Floor Cable Tray Support Brackets Range Table

Size(Up To)DimensionsMat.Thick.SlotsStand OffInnerOuterCode
3"(75mm)Drawings on request1.6mm142mm10200UFCTB075
6"(150mm)Drawings on request1.6mm242mm10100UFCTB150
9"(225mm)Drawings on request1.6mm342mm1080UFCTB225
12"(300mm)Drawings on request1.6mm442mm1050UFCTB300
18"(450mm)Drawings on request1.6mm642mm1040UFCTB450
24"(600mm)Drawings on request1.6mm842mm1030UFCTB600
SizeDescriptionDrive TypePack Qty.Code
M6x12 Mushroom Head Thread Forming ScrewsNo.2 pozi drive100TFM612