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As a UK manufacturer, we specialise in supplying products to support cable tray + basket installations. As a company, we focus on making products the electrician would want to use. In general, easy to use, comprehensive range, convenient packaging (mostly in multiples of 10 using recyclable materials), quick deliveries with low order values.

We manufacture for stock, supply through distributors and electrical wholesalers, using next day delivery.

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UFCTB UnderFloor Stand-off Brackets

Each box contains enough M6x12 thread former screws to fix the tray.

(Up To)
No. of
3"(75mm) 1.6mm 1 42mm 10 200 UFCTB75
6"(150mm) 1.6mm 2 42mm 10 100 UFCTB150
9"(225mm) 1.6mm 3 42mm 10 80 UFCTB225
12"(300mm) 1.6mm 4 42mm 10 50 UFCTB300
18"(450mm) 1.6mm 6 42mm 10 40 UFCTB450
24"(600mm) 1.6mm 8 42mm 10 20 UFCTB600

Thread Forming Screws
Size Description Drive Qty. Code
M6 x 12 Mushroom headed, Thread forming screws No2 pozi 100 THREAD612
Cable tray brackets 42mm PFX

Bracket sizes

3"(75mm), 6"(150mm), (9")225mm, (12")300mm, (18")450mm and (24")600mm.

The pre-punched holes have a pitch of 12.5mm, suffient to line up with slots in the tray. Slots in cable tray generally have a pitch of 25mm.

Elongated slots also let the installer to use traditional tray bolts (not supplied) if desired.

UnderFloor brackets are of rigid construction meaning they don't distort when stepped on. With the added advantage of being able to secure the tray from above using our specially designed thread forming screws (supplied with the brackets) the job is made easier for you. UFCTB's can also be used as a general support brackets in many other situations.

Cable tray underfloor bracket packaging.

Underfloor Bracket packaging

Haley UFCTB Stand-off brackets are packed in multiples of 10 complete with thread forming screws to fit the pre-punched holes in each bracket. This allows them to be transported, stored, sold and used easily. No image available but will be similar left image.
All packaging material is either recyclable or biodegradable. The inner boxes and outer cartons are made from cardboard, the tape and plastic bag, containing the tray bolts, are both biodegradable.

M6 x 12 thread forming screw

Thtead Forming Screws

Thead forming screws are a well proven method of fixing to sheet steel. It has a 14mm ⌀ mushroom head and a No.2 pozi drive recess.

Thread forming screw installation using a cordless drill

Tray Bolt Installation

Use a battery drill* preferably fitted with a magnetic bit holder & No.2 pozi bit, such as the Wera Rapidaptor for quicker installation. The tray can be fixed from above.

*There is always a possibility of stripping threads when a battery drill driver is used.
To avoid this the torque setting needs to be adjusted to a suitable setting.

Features of Underfloor Brackets

Union Flag.

Made in Britain.

Brackets made for the electrician.

Key features:

  • Gives a 42mm stand-off from floor.
  • Pre-punched fixing holes, for M6 Thtrad Forming screws, at 12.5mm pitch.
  • Bracket also have slots increasing the versatility of fixing.
  • Boxed in 10's for all round convenience.
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom.

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