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As a UK manufacturer, we specialize in supplying products to support cable tray + basket installations. As an company, we focus on making products the electrician would want to use. In gereral, easy to use, comprehensive range, convenient packaging (mostly in multiples of 10 using recyclable materials), quick deliveries with low order values.

We manufacture for stock, supply through distributors and electrical wholesalers, using next day delivery.

Our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Trapeze Suspension Brackets

  Slotted ends       Trapeze 450
(Up To)
OAL No. of
at Centre
6"(150mm) 240mm 2 10 80 TBCT150
9"(225mm) 315mm 3 10 60 TBCT225
12"(300mm) 390mm 4 10 60 TBC300
18"(450mm) 540mm 6 10 40 TBCT450
24"(600mm) 690mm 8 10 n/a TBCT600 10kg* -0.182mm
Material Thickness : 2mm       Click here to see test setup
Material Finish : pre-galv.    *The 10kg is a load applied at 2 points as setup 2. Click above to view.

Slide Clips for Basket
Image Description Finish Pk. Qty. Code
Trapeze brackets group image Slide clip for basket Zinc 100 SLC01

Flat Plate Nuts
Image Description Finish Pk.Qty. Code SWL
Trapeze brackets square plate nuts M6 Flat Plate Nuts
(40mm x 35mm)
Pre-Galv 100 TBSQP06 50kg
M8 Flat Plate Nuts
(40mm x 35mm)
Pre-Galv 100 TBSQP08 50kg
M10 Flat Plate Nuts
(40mm x 35mm)
Pre-Galv 100 TBSQP10 50kg
Each unit supplied with: 2off M5x12 TF screws and 2off M5 Spring washers.
These remove the need to use a top M10 nut and washer.

Caddy Split Nut
Image Description Finish Pk. Qty. Code
Caddy Split nuts M10 Flat Plate
Caddy Nvent
Split Nuts.
Zinc 40 SNM10
Cable tray trapeze brackets group image

Bracket sizes and Description

(150mm), 225mm, 300mm, 450mm and 600mm.

Custom made Trapeze Brackets. Made to simplify the use of trapeze method for suspending tray and basket. Designed using the same profile as our very popular LB Wall and LBC Ceiling Brackets. The slots are M6 clearance and the end slots are M10 clearance.

Is is our intention to produce a range of brackets specifically for cable basket.

A combination of tray and basket will also be available on a bespoke basis, to order.

Trapeze bracket range with product codes

Trapeze Range with Product Codes

We manufacture 5 sizes from 150mm up to 600mm.

Slotted ends

Slotted Ends for Retro-fitting

This is an in-house service we offer to order, (at the present). It allows the retrofitting of an extra level of tray above an existing run of tray.

To achieve true retrofit something like the Caddy Nvent SNM10 can be used. These can be aquired from us or a Caddy stockist.

Slotted ends

M10 Plate Nuts

Designed to fit inside the trapeze removing the need for a spanner to hold the underside nut.

Two M5x8 Thread Former screws are supplied to secure the bracket from the top.

The Square Plate Nut dimensions are 40mm x 35mm. The plate is 3mm thick.

The fixing holes and fixing slots were a later innovation to our trapeze bracket. Some of our stock of trapeze brackets will not have slots in then.

Slide clips in use

Slide Clips for use with basket

Quick and simple method of fixing cable basket to Trapeze Brackets. Will work with most cable basket. Slide clips in use

trapeze bracket packaging.

Trapeze bracket packaging

Haley TBCT trapeze brackets are packed in multiples of 10. This allows them to be transported, stored, sold and used easily. No image is available of the packaging, however packaging is similar to LBC's and LB's.

All packaging material is either recyclable or biodegradable. The inner boxes and outer cartons are made from cardboard, the tape and plastic bag, containing the tray bolts, are both biodegradable.

Features of Trapeze Brackets

Union Flag.

Made in Britain.

Brackets made for the electrician.

Key features:

  • No onsite cutting. No end caps needed to hide sharp ends.
  • The bracket has been custom made for the application.
  • The use of zebedee nuts eliminated.
  • Square washers no longer needed.
  • Fixing holes are M10 clearance. Elongated M6 clearance slots for easy alignment of tray.
  • Boxed in 10's for all round convenience.
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Contact address

Haley Products Ltd

Navigation Road


Stoke on Trent



United Kingdom