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As a UK manufacturer, we specialise in supplying products to support cable tray + basket installations. As a company, we focus on making products the electrician would want to use. In general, easy to use, comprehensive range, convenient packaging (mostly in multiples of 10 using recyclable materials), quick deliveries with low order values.

We manufacture for stock, supply through distributors and electrical wholesalers, using next day delivery.

Our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

LBBA Ceiling Brackets for Basket

(Up To)
! 100mm 2.0mm Pre-Galv. 10 100 LBBA100
! 150mm 2.0mm Pre-Galv. 10 80 LBBA150PE
* 150mm 2.0mm Pre-Galv. 10 80 LBBA150ST
! 200mm 2.0mm Pre-Galv. 10 60 LBBA200
* 200mm 2.0mm Pre-Galv. 10 60 LBBA213
! 300mm 2.0mm Pre-Galv. 10 60 LBBA300
*300mm 2.0mm Pre-Galv. 10 60 LBBA315
! work with basket that have even number of wire.
* work with basket that has a centre wire i.e. an odd number.

LBBA cable basket angles wall brackets range image

Bracket sizes

For lightweight support of cable tray and basket parallel to ceilings.
Can be used for some limited suspension applications (up to 150mm).
Designed for side loading cable into tray saving time and effort.

When using any 450mm bracket an extra support should be used at the free end of the bracket for extra support.

N.B. When using 150mm basket and above, care has to be taken when choosing your brackets. Some manufacturers make their larger basket using even number of wires, and others have an odd wire number, with a centre wire.
To overcome this issue Haley Products manufactures sepatate brackets for sizes of 150mm and above. N.B. When ordering your basket and brackets.

LBC and LB bracket box packaging.

LBCBA and LBBA packaging

Haley LBCBA brackets are packed in multiples of 10. This allows them to be stored, transported, sold and used easily.

All packaging material is either recyclable or biodegradable.

LB fixing to walls and retro fit to studding.

Fixing to Walls and Retro Fit

Can be fitted directly to a wall using appropriate fixing methods. Optional packings are also available.

Can be used on retro-fit applications to M10 studding using 2 basic wire rope grips.

LBC brackets joint at bracket

LBBA Joint Application

The weakest point in basket installation is the joint. Double row of tags means basket could be loined at the bracket.

This method, plus using appropiate connectors gives extra support at the joint.

Fixing kit

Features of LBBA Brackets

Union Flag.

Made in Britain.

Brackets made for the electrician.

Key features:

  • Lightweight and versitile design.
  • Can be fixed to strut or directly to wall.
  • Can be used for retrofit to studding.
  • Boxed in 10's for all round convenience.
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Contact address

Haley Products Ltd

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United Kingdom