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As a UK manufacturer, we specialize in supplying products to support cable tray + basket installations. As an company, we focus on making products the electrician would want to use. In gereral, easy to use, comprehensive range, convenient packaging (mostly in multiples of 10 using recyclable materials), quick deliveries with low order values.

We manufacture for stock, supply through distributors and electrical wholesalers, using next day delivery.

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Cable Basket Side Suspension Brackets

M10 1.5mm Zinc&clear 40 400 BSS1019Z
M10 1.5mm Zinc&yellow 40 400 BSS1028Y
M10 1.5mm 308 Stainless 40 400 BSS3009SS

Basket side support brackets group.

Bracket Sizes and Description

Haley Side Suspension Brackets, are simple to use, economical side suspension brackets for cable basket.

1 :  One size that will work with most makes of basket.

2 :  Three finishes, Zinc & Clear, Zinc & Yellow and 304 Stainless Steel.

BSS installation demo

CSB Installation

A :  Basket wire simply sits in bracket tabs. These can be crimped over later to keep the basket secure in the bracket.

B :  Two tabs, in conjunction with appropiate connectors, allows basket to be joined at the bracket.

Side bracket box quantities.

BSS Side Brackets packaging

CSB brackets are packed in multiples of 40. This allows them to be stored, transported, sold and used easily.

All packaging material is either recyclable or biodegradable.

Features of Side Brackets

Union Flag.

Made in Britain.

Brackets made for the electrician.

Key features:

  • Simple and economical side brackets for cable basket, one size works with most makes of basket
  • Basket wire sits into bracket for simpler installation.
  • Projection tabs can be crimped over to secure the basket.
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Contact address

Haley Products Ltd

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Stoke on Trent



United Kingdom