Stand Off Brackets HFX

Stand Off Brackets for Cable Tray & Basket

Stand Off Brackets

Stand Off Brackets have pre-inserted friction clips that ensures it remains in place, even when it is fixed in a vertical position. You can use the Haley Stand Off Bracket with all known makes of cable tray and Basket (i.e. Universal). Simply slide the spring clip into alignment, and secure the tray with the special case hardened mushroom headed screws, supplied in every box, and tighten using a No.2 pozi screwdriver. Alternatively a battery drill* or pump screwdriver can be used, fitted with a magnetic bit holder and No.2 pozi bit, such as the Wera Rapidaptor and Bi-Torsion screwdriver bit for quickest installation.

*No matter how hard we try, there is always a possibility of stripping the thread when a battery drill driver is used. To prevent the thread stripping the torque setting must be adjusted to avoid this.

Features of Stand Off Brackets 

The Stand off Bracket gives a height of 25mm.

Each box contains M6x16 ZP case hardened Tray Bolts with No.2 pozi recess drive. Extra bolts can be supplied separately, if required.

Manufactured in the UK from Mild Steel – finish : ZP.

The Haley Stand Off Brackets and spring clips are made in Britain.

Size(Up To)DimensionsMat.Thick.SlotsClipsInnerOuterCode
2"(50mm)Drawings on request1.0mm1110300CTB0
3"(75mm)Drawings on request1.0mm1110300CTB1
4"(100mm)Drawings on request1.0mm1210240CTB1A
6"(150mm)Drawings on request1.0mm1210200CTB2
9"(225mm)Drawings on request1.2mm2410120CTB3
12"(300mm)Drawings on request1.2mm2410120CTB4
18"(450mm)Drawings on request1.6mm341050CTB5
SizeDescriptionDrive TypePack Qty.Code
M6x16 Mushroom Head Thread Case hardened Tray BoltsNo.2 pozi drive100TBM616

All Brackets are now packed in 10’s.

Tray Brackets new box quantities.