Framing Channel Internal Connectors (Easy2Fix)

Framing Channel Internal Connectors

Easy2Fix Framing Channel Internal Connectors

Imagine if you could have an internal connector for framing channel (strut) where you didn’t have to worry about loosing the tiny screws. Or struggle to secure the connector with them.  The Haley, Easy2Fix, Framing Channel Internal Connectors offers this. It is simple and easy to use. It comes already assembled so there is no more fumbling with tiny self tapping screws that invariably get dropped and lost, and the screws only need a standard No.2 pozi screwdriver.

Slotted channel is no longer a problem. The securing screws are spring loaded and can be adjusted along the slots in the connector to avoid the slots in the strut.

Ready assembled with fixing screws & nuts in place. i.e. No loose parts.

Fast easy installation reduces valuable time spent by installer on site thus saving money.

Screws can be repositioned easily to avoid slots in channel. Raised slots hold nuts in place.

41x41mm StrutDrawings on request2.0mmpre-galv1070HU670
41x21mm StrutDrawings on request2.0mmpre-galv1070HU675

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