Ceiling Brackets For Cable Tray

Ceiling BracketsRegistered Design : 000323944

Ceiling Brackets (Light Duty)

Haley Ceiling Brackets are ideal for you, the electrician, when installing tray or basket to ceilings.

  • Designed for side loading of cable into tray and basket
  • Lightweight support for cable tray and basket runs parallel to ceilings
  • Fits over strut or direct to ceilings and walls
  • Up to 150mm can also be used for suspending on threaded rod
Size(Up To)DimensionsMat.Thick.SlotsInnerOuterCode
4"(100mm)Dimensioned drawing available on request.2.0mm2168LBC100
6"(150mm)Dimensioned drawing available on request.2.0mm3150LBC150
8"(200m)Being replaced with
LBCBA200 for Basket
9"(225mm)Dimensioned drawing available on request.2.0mm4140LBC225
12"(300mm)Dimensioned drawing available on request.2.0mm5125LBC300
18"(450mm)Not available. All dimensions
same as others except for length.
ImagesDescription)FinishInner QtyProd.Code
M10 backplateGalv50HBP10FM
M10 backplate, stud & washerGalv25HBP10ST
M10 backplate, set pin & washerGalv25HBP10XB
Cable tray fixing kitZinc10 (50 outer)FK001
CTB Range of Ceiling Brackets for cable tray.

CTB Range of Ceiling Brackets for cable tray.