Ceiling Brackets for Basket

Cable Basket Ceiling Brackets (Light Duty)

Haley’s new cable basket ceiling brackets are revolutionary. Manufactured with two rows of retaining tags cable basket can now be joined at the bracket.
Ceiling brackets for basket - LBCBA

Size(Up To)DimensionsMat.Thick.FinishInnerOuterCode
4"(100mm)Dimensioned drawing available on request.2.0mmpre.Galv1060LBCBA100
6"(150mm) for Pemsa Dimensioned drawing available on request.2.0mmpre.Galv1040LBCBA150PE
6"(150m) for other makes with central bottom wireDimensioned drawing available on request.2.0mmpre.Galv1040LBCBA150ST
8"(200mm)Dimensioned drawing available on request.2.0mmpre.Galv1040LBCBA200
200mm for basket with central bottom wire Dimensioned drawing available on request.2.0mmpre.Galv1040LBCBA213
12"(300mm)Dimensioned drawing available on request.2.0mmpre.Galv1040LBCBA300
12"(300mm) for center wire basket. Usually 5 wiresDimensioned drawing available on request.2.0mmpre.Galv1040LBCBA315

Dimensioned  drawings are available for these brackets. Contact us on 01872 834802 or sales@haleyproducts.co.uk

LBC and LB brackets new packaging.

All LBC and LB brackets are packed in 10’s.