New Way to Fix Cable Tray to Standoff Brackets

ANOTHER way to fix cable tray to a stand-off bracket.

We want to show you a different way of fixing cable tray to our new range of stand-off brackets using a cordless drill. Its the new Haley PFX (power fixing) bracket. and to highlight some of the other great products, when used for the installation, that improve the experience of installing cable tray when using our brackets. Namely, cordless drills, hexagon screwdriver bits and magnetic bit holders.
Firstly, image for a moment, you have no back nuts to worry about. The supplied screw form its on thread, similar to a self-tapper, only more effectively. Secondly, you don’t have to line up the back nut to the slot. The right sized holes are pre-punched to the correct pitch ensuring they line up with the slots in the tray. Thirdly, the PFX bracket has been designed to be used with cordless drills. For our product demonstrations we use the Hitachi DS10 Combi in combination with the Wera Rapadaptor and No.2 bi-torsion bit. Any similar sized cordless drill and magnetic bit holder will work as well.

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