A Neat Idea for Ceiling Brackets

Fixing Ceiling Brackets to wooden joists

Here’s a neat idea when you have to fix cable tray ceiling brackets to wooden joists. the first issue is, woodscrews have to be used. This in itself is not a big deal. Getting the screwdriver into the space available is difficult. You end up either having to put the screw through the slots in the bracket or trying to use the screwdriver at an angle, this is not a good idea.
Using one of the backplates shown below using two suitable woodscrews, I have used 2 – 5.0 x 50mm for this demo, is quick and easy. This also allows the use of a battery drill with a magnetic bit holder such as the Wera Rapidapter, however any suitable holder would work. The Haley Bracket can then be secured using a standard M10 nut or M10 x 12mm hex. set pin our suspended on studding.
The tray can be fixed to the basket using any suitable method. Here I have used the Haley FK001 fixing kit.
The backplates I have used are standard products that can be supplied by Haley Products or from any good distributor or wholesaler.

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